As a Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach, I partner with groups of people with chronic dis-ease to help them make long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes. We work together to consider eight areas of health that are all inter-related or “integrated” together. Each area has the ability to impact another area of their health as they are all connected. These areas are:

  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Movement, Exercise & Rest
  • Nutrition
  • Spirituality (or one’s connection to nature)
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Physical Environment Personal & Professional Development
  • Mindful Awareness

After evaluating these areas, it is often more clear to the client which areas they need to focus on to improve their health. I educate using the principles of neuroplasticity, which helps the client to rewire their brain connections. By doing this, we are able to tie the client’s optimal health vision to the goals they set making the entire change process easier. Sessions are done remotely via conference call or web conferencing for your convenience. If you’d like to transform your health, please schedule a complimentary call with me.

Tracy Behrens